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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies
1. You should be active on your page
Facebook currently has billions of users and in every minute there is the number of status updates and sharing of links is taking place. This condition clearly states that Facebook is not a platform where you can work once in a while. You have to be constantly engaged with your marketing strategy by posting new content like photos and videos of your company product launches, Special deals etc. with backlinks to your company website.
2. Quality of the content
It is not just about posting updates on your page. The quality of the content should be engaging. It will not talk about sales only. While writing the organic content of your post, remember 80:20 rules. 20% of the content should talk about your product or sale and 80% is about fun, educational or any non-sale content.
3. Create a paid Ad Facebook Campaign
The paid content strategy will allow you to reach potential customers in less time. Companies are fighting to get more followers and liked on their pages. When you create a Facebook campaign do not follow the default settings make changes according to your geographic and target audience.
4. Promotion objective should be the same
If you’re creating a Facebook page content or a PPC ad, the objective of your promotion should be the same: providing extremely related content that your potential customers want to see.
Surely, PPC ads will drive traffic to your store and page posts keep your followers updated, but for getting leads you want to ensure that you provide awesome & interesting content. Your promotion should be in line with the voice of your brand because any conflict in organic and paid content will impact your ROI.
5. Facebook Live video
According to Livestream stats, 82% of brand audiences prefer live video for the promotion of their brand above any other form of social media posts. Do not wait to create a professional video for you’re posting as Facebook is getting content updates in every minute
Use live video of launching a new product or take live videos of your product demonstration, office culture, give tips in your niche, post teasers etc. 
There are lot may factor to engage your audience with your Facebook page and drive traffic to your website. But before going to the very details follow above Facebook Marketing Strategies and notate the results.