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What could be the impacts of Google’s introduction to Knowledge graph?

Google introduced the Knowledge Graph, in order to help users find new information quickly by providing facts about people, places, and things to search queries right next to their search results. For example, a query for Barack Obama provides the regular search results on the left and a quick biological sketch on the right along with related searches. Barack Obama is related to First Lady and her political friends on Republican side in Google’s knowledge graph

Increase in CTR since knowledge graph eliminates ambiguous language so search results are less confusing.

Decrease in time spent with the publishers since users are getting part of their information from Knowledge graph itself.

What does this mean for publishers? In post knowledge graph world publishers need to track their metrics very closely as in our experience things have changed quite a bit.

Improvement in Bounce rate; while these sounds promising it may be tricky. What we have observed is that some of our publishers have lost its less engaged users who are looking for just one piece of information. The improvement of bounce rate is not coming from improving experience; but from loss of less engaged users.


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