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Social Media Marketing Methodology

Social media has become a very important marketing channel; with facebook & twitter users swelling in billions. The Social media marketing requires an effort to create the content that attracts immediate attention and encourages the consumer to share it. It has been said that a product or service recommended by the friends & family has the highest probability to be bought. Hence it is very important that a company or business should have a prominent presence on social media channels & utilize them to get referral traffic, which most certainly will give them the augmented revenue, which they are looking for. But most of the companies or businesses struggle to find the time to properly strategize social media marketing efforts & find time to update channels like facebook, twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp etc.. We understand this challenge & that is the reason we are your Social Media service providers. Let us update all the social channels on daily basis & you can sit back & relax & enjoy the new referral traffic via these channels.
Some of the tasks our social media marketing services include are:
We will build your Facebook page
We will create Twitter profile with background and profile image
Our social media expert will build the social media strategy
The strategy then will be translated into Unique social content that matches your brand & image
Post/update the content daily
Implement the strategy to increase likes, followers, engagement etc. by engaging the users on polls, quiz, interesting information, & deep discount promotions
Participate in conversations with active group members
And, managing the Ad campaigns (the charges for managing ad campaigns are separate)
We will produce daily update & perform monthly Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting
I am a small business owner & I don’t have time to jump from one social media to another to update on daily basis
You are exactly right – Among the small business owners we’ve worked with, there have been a good percentage who hates the tedious task of updating facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp etc on daily basis. This is where we come & help you take this tedious work from your plate & let you focus on your daily business tasks.