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Should I get ISTQB®Software Testing Certificate ?

It seems now a days it has become a trend to get certificates. I see lot of resumes, which mentions different certificates. The trend became more prominent ever since Google started certifying people for their knowledge of Google’s products & services. I personally think it is a good idea to test your skills but on contrary I do not think that someone should “PAY” to test his/her skills.

This is where ISTQB® comes in, the full name for ISTQB® is International Software Testing Qualifications Board. Well, as of today on their website it states that they have issued 320,000 certificates. So, I thought it is a great idea to get certified. But, as soon as I started digging into it I realize that there is a fee & it is quite substantial. Well, let’s take a step back & see what certificates they are providing

  • Foundation Level
  • Agile Tester Extension
  • Advanced Level
  • Expert Level

As you might imagine Foundation level is must before you can attempt any of the Agile or Advanced level. And, Expert level can only be attempted once you complete the Advanced level.

Now, let me come to the point here – the Foundation level certificate is $250 & the rest of the certificates are $200 each (US dollars). Is it worth it !well, I don’t know.

I feel this a good way to make money. If it was a software, which I learned & get certified, then make sense. And, also makes more sense to pay for it. But, ISTQB® is an organization that is just conducting exams & teaching best practices of software testing (note – they charge for those teaching sessions), & what they teach is freely available on the Internet, then should I be paying for it !?

Take a look at their certification data. I pulled this Pie chart from their website Sunday Jun 29 2014


According to this data they have generated mostly “Foundation” level certificates. What does this mean ? – It clearly states that newly college graduates &/or people who has recently joined the workforce, are eager to put some credentials on their resume & paying for this certificate.

Getting certified with ISTQB® is worth it ! ? my opinion – NOT Really !

When I review a resume, I don’t look at ISTQB® certified or not; I review the work experience & academic qualifications. If it was a software certificate then I would have given extra points to that resume but for ISTQB® certificate certainly not !

And, that’s just my opinion – this is Manish Keemtee signing-off from Sunny Los Angeles, California Adios Amigos

Note – ISTQB® is registered trade mark of www.ISTQB.org

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