$299 CMS $99 PPC $99 SEO $49 SMO


Project Objective

A custom logo designer company was seeking recommendations on how to grow inquiries via search engines


A major Custom Logo Designer Company from San Diego, CA USA.


Evaluated if any marketing spend was allocated towards the paid search (Google PPC). Audited the website for the possibility of the SEO changes.

Recommendation & Execution Plan:

  • Recommended paid search marketing
  • Performed the keyword research utilizing Google Keyword Planner
  • Produced a detail list of 500 keywords & then further reduced the list to top 200 keywords which will drive traffic for custom logo designing services
  • Methodically eliminated the high cost keywords & focused on low cost & long-tail keywords
  • Worked with business team to remove the keywords which drives the users to click on ads to search for logo design software
  • Allocated limited spend on keywords which drives the users to seek for information about logo designing &/or do-it-yourself logo designing services
  • Executed 10-15 campaigns with multiple Ad-groups; most of the keywords were coded as “Exact Match” to keep the cost low & to optimize the ROI

Results and Benefits

  • Received 1-2 inquires on daily basis
  • With limited budget & exact match-type bidding – cost was significantly low
  • 70% Most of the traffic converted into a sale


“Initially I was very skeptical of their low cost & long tail keyword approach. But, ultimately they were able to prove me wrong with giving me a significant number of new inquiries in a very low cost! Manish Keemtee – I appreciated your patience with me! ”