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Google Ad Extensions – Boost Up Your Ads


To run the paid search campaign including attractive Ads & to boost up its performance without enhancing the budget it’s essential to use Ad Extensions. It provides distinctive opportunity with paid search ads. Also enables publishers to get highest traffic & help potential customers to reach specific landing pages which actually they are searching.

There are different types of Ad Extensions which will help you get unique traffic-

Sitelinks– It is very popular type of ad-extension which allows users to get multiple landing pages by extra (internal) links. In short we can conclude this that searchers get more chance to go with the internal specific pages of a website.

Call Extensions- It enables publishers to include clickable phone number in your text ads. By this users can easily call to site owners without visiting the site of that Ad.

Location Extensions- It also enables publishers to include business address & contact number in their ads. For including business address & contact number it adds one more line to their Ads with the Map feature.

Review Extensions- It enables publishers to use summarized quote in addition to their Ad. It is very important to use as users always love to see helpful reviews on a product they are thinking to buy.

Callout Extensions- It allows for including more expressive text with the standard text ads. Writing rules are similar for applying as we need to use in the text ads. For example – Free Shipping, 24/7 Customer Support Service, Free 24/7 Support, etc.

So these are the mentioned Ad Extensions which can be use for the paid search campaigns. Advertisers can also use these Ad Extensions for the existing campaigns. And with these Ad Extensions they can achieve the best ROI in terms of conversions & leads. And we can consider that it is the powerful tool which definitely enhances your marketing effectiveness.


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