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Find out how Facebook is helping Small Business

A recent report by Socialmediatoday.com:

” Facebook, after a less than stellar 8 days on the NYSE, is taking a step back from the big lights and glitz and glamor and is focusing on the small business owners. Small business owners make up so much of the marketplace today and while it may feel as if there is a bit of over saturation for those companies that help small business owners, there are still too many lagging behind. Facebook was one of them.


Small business owners whose marketing budget does not have a line item for a community director are at a disadvantage as they are not able to hire the third party that will be able provide them will all the features that are afforded to bigger companies. It is an age old problem as regardless of how many hats you wear each day as a small business owner, there are always limitations. Especially online and in the social spectrum as there are third parties that are creating some unbelievable tools for analytics but they are out of reach for many of the small business owners.”


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