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Case Study: NurseBuilder.com

Project Objective

Nursebuilder.com was seeking our expertise in building an information website which is user friendly but rich in content. NurseBuilder team came to us for our CMS, PHP, Creative Design, & branding expertise. We evaluated the requirements & produced a very user friendly website for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in nursing & allows them to connect with professionals who are already in the nursing profession. We worked with NurseBuilder team to add in-depth content & eCommerce section to build it a One-stop-shop for individuals who are in nursing profession.


AUSA based a major nursing organization


Worked with the client to understand the nursing field requirement & proposed different web technologies CMS – Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS, JQuery & PHP

Solution and Benefits

A custom solution was created which had a capability of CMS but development was done in HTML, CSS, JQuery & PHP.

  • Worked with client team on weekly basis to evaluate the design & content
  • Built 50 page website with a very intuitive design so that users can easily find the content they are looking-for Custom built the Quiz sections with time based quizzes
  • Custom built an admin panel for NurserBuilder team to add, modify, delete the content &/or products
  • Implemented Google Checkout system for eCommerce section of the site
  • NurseBuilder team is quite happy with our work & signed up for yearly maintenance plan & will be using us for future SEM & SEO services 

“G2C team was very friendly & whenever we needed guidance they were prompt & provided excellent customer service; the fact that we did not know much about the SEM & SEO, we were really looking for a partner who can explain us the SEM & SEO & build the site which is SEO friendly; that’s exactly what we received from G2C team ! Thanks G2C Team !”