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Broadcasting live video to millions – Facebook Mentions

Making live video for Facebook was a challenge. Today, everyone is eager to present Live; another way for famous people to share live video from Mentions to other on Facebook. Mentions are available to public figures that are verified on Facebook. With this feature, individuals who have associated with your posts will likewise get a notification when you begin your broadcast.

During your telecast, you’ll see the quantity of viewers and a real-time stream of comments from individuals tuning in. You can reply to comments live during the telecast. Also, in the background, you can have a Q & A session, offer declarations, make an announcement, & more — everything in real time.

Additionally, after your live video has finished, the video will be automatically published to your Page’s timeline. This will allow the fans to watch it later time who have missed the live broadcast. And if you don’t want to keep the video, you can remove it from your timeline.

There should be no doubt that, this new element accompanies great chances for social media marketing platform. The goal of social media is visibility, the more you present, the more you get.

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