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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies
1. You should be active on your page
Facebook currently has billions of users and in every minute there is the number of status updates and sharing of links is taking place. This condition clearly states that Facebook is not a platform where you can work once in a while. You have to be constantly engaged with your marketing strategy by posting new content like photos and videos of your company product launches, Special deals etc. with backlinks to your company website.
2. Quality of the content
It is not just about posting updates on your page. The quality of the content should be engaging. It will not talk about sales only. While writing the organic content of your post, remember 80:20 rules. 20% of the content should talk about your product or sale and 80% is about fun, educational or any non-sale content.
3. Create a paid Ad Facebook Campaign
The paid content strategy will allow you to reach potential customers in less time. Companies are fighting to get more followers and liked on their pages. When you create a Facebook campaign do not follow the default settings make changes according to your geographic and target audience.
4. Promotion objective should be the same
If you’re creating a Facebook page content or a PPC ad, the objective of your promotion should be the same: providing extremely related content that your potential customers want to see.
Surely, PPC ads will drive traffic to your store and page posts keep your followers updated, but for getting leads you want to ensure that you provide awesome & interesting content. Your promotion should be in line with the voice of your brand because any conflict in organic and paid content will impact your ROI.
5. Facebook Live video
According to Livestream stats, 82% of brand audiences prefer live video for the promotion of their brand above any other form of social media posts. Do not wait to create a professional video for you’re posting as Facebook is getting content updates in every minute
Use live video of launching a new product or take live videos of your product demonstration, office culture, give tips in your niche, post teasers etc. 
There are lot may factor to engage your audience with your Facebook page and drive traffic to your website. But before going to the very details follow above Facebook Marketing Strategies and notate the results.

Online Branding tips for Startups in 2018

Online Branding tips for Startups in 2018

  1. Appealing Interface

It is very important that you should have a web portal which is appealing to its users. The users get engaged faster with your brands and products when they see some unique features.

Always create your website desktop as well as mobile-friendly. You can also develop App if you have products, services to sell. Add chat box to provide instant help to the users.

The loading time of the website should be less on mobile & desktop.  The content of the website should be informative and easy to understand. Provide query, feedback & complaint forms and respond to them taking less time.

  1. Search engine optimization

Perform an SEO audit and check the activities of users what they are reading, on which pages they are spending more time, Bounce rate etc. To reach out your potential customers it is very important that your website should show up in top 10 results of SERP. Look for both On-page & Off-page SEO strategies. On-page involves – metadata, headers, descriptions, title etc. Off-page involves link building, content marketing, keyword optimization etc. Do not opt for black hat techniques to get faster results because ultimately you get blocked with Google search crawlers once they find keyword stuffing etc.

  1. Content marketing

“Content is king” The concept is same from so many years that unique content helps in website optimization. You need to invest your time in creating strong, fresh and unique content which will engage your audience with your brand. Content should be that creative that it will have an impact on your target audience. It will clearly talk about the best features of your product and less about your sale promotion.

If you want to go for email marketing then your content should be in points and try to add some offers that will definitely influence a user to visit your website once.

  1. Video Marketing

Today each video is getting some audience. Therefore it is the best place to promote your brand. Create videos of your brand, product launch, working environment, seminars etc. And promote them on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and SnapChat stories. These were very powerful tools to communicate about your brand to users.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Social media identity brings online presence to your brand. The first thing you need to have active social media strategies. Create pages for your brand and promote your products by creating attractive posts. Post latest news, information etc. related to your domain on regular basis. Here you can communicate with your audience and can help them to understand your brand. Good social media activities may also result in generating leads.

Hope the article Online Branding tips for Startups in 2018 will help you to get traffic to your website and will promote your brand.

Broadcasting live video to millions – Facebook Mentions

Making live video for Facebook was a challenge. Today, everyone is eager to present Live; another way for famous people to share live video from Mentions to other on Facebook. Mentions are available to public figures that are verified on Facebook. With this feature, individuals who have associated with your posts will likewise get a notification when you begin your broadcast.

During your telecast, you’ll see the quantity of viewers and a real-time stream of comments from individuals tuning in. You can reply to comments live during the telecast. Also, in the background, you can have a Q & A session, offer declarations, make an announcement, & more — everything in real time.

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Why PPC is important for your Business?

The marketing world has certainly gone advanced. Today, organizations can’t be exclusively dependent on the customary advertising systems of print advertising, classified ads, TV ads and verbal marketing. As more individuals turn to the online space, the necessity for running an incredible promoting battle to convey your advertising message on the web has altogether expanded. This practically implies that any business that needs to stay in business needs to be some place on that front page.

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What could be the impacts of Google’s introduction to Knowledge graph?

Google introduced the Knowledge Graph, in order to help users find new information quickly by providing facts about people, places, and things to search queries right next to their search results. For example, a query for Barack Obama provides the regular search results on the left and a quick biological sketch on the right along with related searches. Barack Obama is related to First Lady and her political friends on Republican side in Google’s knowledge graph

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Find out how Facebook is helping Small Business

A recent report by Socialmediatoday.com:

” Facebook, after a less than stellar 8 days on the NYSE, is taking a step back from the big lights and glitz and glamor and is focusing on the small business owners. Small business owners make up so much of the marketplace today and while it may feel as if there is a bit of over saturation for those companies that help small business owners, there are still too many lagging behind. Facebook was one of them.


Small business owners whose marketing budget does not have a line item for a community director are at a disadvantage as they are not able to hire the third party that will be able provide them will all the features that are afforded to bigger companies.

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What are the top 10 PPC Tools?


Google Pay Per Click should be in the mix of your digital marketing strategy because even your own brand keywords can be bid by your competitors and you don’t want to lose that traffic. And, as every day passes-by the Paid Search gets more & more important to gain the traffic. So for us, PPC managers, it becomes very important that we continuously optimize the PPC campaigns. And, that brings me to start researching about the top 10 PPC tools, and what I found in my research was very interesting, it seems that most of the emphasis now a days is on “Competitors & Optimization”, here is the summary of my research –
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Mobile Website Development


The Mobile Web refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet computer, connected to a wireless network.

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Weekend Fun


We had a team event this weekend; and we did something fun. We bought a couple radio controlled helicopter and had flying contests.

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Should I get ISTQB®Software Testing Certificate ?

It seems now a days it has become a trend to get certificates. I see lot of resumes, which mentions different certificates. The trend became more prominent ever since Google started certifying people for their knowledge of Google’s products & services. I personally think it is a good idea to test your skills but on contrary I do not think that someone should “PAY” to test his/her skills.

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